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Warranty and Returns

All devices come with a standard lifetime warranty, meaning if the device has no physical damage: cracked screens or liquid offers a 60 day limited warranty on all of our repair services. Our warranty is effective on the date of delivery and offers coverage on the part(s) used for the repair as well as the quality of service rendered. In the event you have an issue with your device after a repair, please contact us immediately so we can take the proper steps to resolve the situation. All warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis and will require contact and participation from you the customer to provide all of the information necessary to process your claim. In some cases you may need to send your device back to our facility for re-work and diagnosis. This warranty only provides coverage on the parts used for the repair and does not cover physical damages caused by mishandling such as impact damage or damage caused by the elements (i.e. Water, fire, etc.) This warranty only offers the guarantee that our parts will function correctly and the quality of service will meet industry standards.

Repair Service - “Jail broken”, Unlocked, or Hacked Devices

In the event we receive your device and the factory software has been altered in any way we reserve the right to withhold any guarantee on our parts. If a problem may arise with the part installed in your device and our technicians suspect software related issues we may ask to perform a factory reset on your device either before sending your device back to you or you sending the device back to us for diagnosis. (PRIVACY POLICY)


Our warranty covers any defect on parts and labor for up to 180 days. Sometimes cell phone screens have "dead spots" or the LCD stops working, or the technician may have not secured a connection properly. If that is the case, we got you covered. We are currently the only shop in the area that offers that warranty and has the database in place to track it. If you lost your receipt, don't worry. Just bring us the device, we will be able to check in our database what repair was performed and when it was performed.


Any accidental or deliverated damage to the device. For example, if you drop your phone and break the screen. Or if you get your phone wet. We are not able to repair your phone under warranty if there is any physical damage to it. Yet, if the repair does not require parts and it still under the warranty period we will be glad to help you.


If your device broke once, chances are that it will break again. We recommend you to buy insurance for your phone, and/or to put your device in a protective case.

Exchange Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will accept returns of unworn merchandise for up to 90 days from purchase for a full refund or exchange. Proof of purchase, such as a copy of the original sales receipt or packing slip, invoice, is required for reimbursement of the full purchase price. In all cases, refunds will be made in the form of the original payment.

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