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Kodak Cameras Repair

Kodak cameras repair

Our service center will carry out repair of your Kodak camera very quickly and qualitatively. We are ready to do any kind of work – from software installation up to replacement of internal details. The price of our service is not high. The Kodak camera owners can address us. We carry out diagnostics free of charge. We repair everything.

We eliminate the following problems:

  • Program brakes, camera shuts down spontaneously – this problem can be solved. We can reinstall software and synchronize the data base.
  • display breakages. Water damage or dirt penetration into the internal parts of camera is the reason of breakage. The broken parts will be replaced. The initial appearance will be returned to the camera.

We offer following Kodak cameras repair service:

  • Flash block replacement
  • module repair
  • Optics and lock mechanisms repair
  • lens mechanism replacement
  • Data restoration
  • Software installation
  • Prophylactic of knots

And many other services

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You can be sure about the quality of our repair service. Entrust us your Kodak camera. We guarantee exact diagnostics. We guarantee highly-qualified repair and your satisfaction. We carry out digital and mirror cameras repair. After elimination of problems in our service, you can use your device for ages.

Our experts will give you instructions how to save your device from damages in further exploitation. We have all needed components. This makes our cooperation productive. This saves your and our time!

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