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Pentax Cameras Repair

Pentax camera repair

We have everything for operating Pentax cameras restore and renew in Miami.  Our experts can eliminate all problems very quicly. The camera will be repaired after full and exact diagnostics.

Mostly people face mechanical damages

- The camera shutters can’t  close or open

- The lens jammed in a middle section


Many breakages are the result of inaccurate exploitation. The penetration of water and dust leads to these problems. The falling can also cause the damage. The defect can be revealed immediately, but sometimes the causes of damage can be revealed after sometime. In most cases components repair is possible. We have modern equipment for it. Expensive parts replacement should be made in case of serious damage of the detail.

Another wide spread problem is display. The colors are disappearing on display. There are horizontal and vertical stripes on display. There is no image on display. Normally this is the result of falling. The matrix or LCD display is damaged.  After diagnostics display repair will be made!

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Useful advices:

It is needed to handle the camera very carefully. The owner should save his camera from strikes and falling. Do not try to repair camera without specialists. In case of breakage we suggest you to contact Remobi. Our specialists will carry out repair on a high level. They will set up the camera and give the device initial appearance.

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