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Samsung Cameras Repair

Company Samsung is an industrial concern.  Samsung was established in 1938. This industrial giant has many models. Digital cameras are one of these models. Samsung cameras impress with lovable interface, trendy design, functionality and simplicity. Samsung cameras are very durable. They have special security from damages.

  In spite of all this qualities, Samsung digital cameras should be handled very carefully. If you have problems with your camera - professional repair is needed. If you do not do this, the damage can be the reason of loss. The unqualified repair can cause serious damage to your device. There are not so many qualified specialists who are able to carry out a professional and qualified repair.

   But fortunately the experts in our service center are very qualified. They have experience in this field. They work already for a long time in service center Remobi. They repair all Samsung cameras. All original parts Samsung cameras are available in our service center. We will give to your camera second life.

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We faced different problems of Samsung cameras

   Here are some examples:

Samsung EX1 - Shortage of illumination. Photos become dim even with the flash light. In this case the breakage of lens or some other parts is the reason. The qualified diagnostics is required.

Samsung ST60 – There is no focusing on image.

This can have several reasons. The camera itself or lens can have malfunctions. The exact diagnostics is required.

Samsung WB600 – photos are not so accurate. There are horizontal stripes on display. Problem with lens is the reason. The diagnostics is required.

Samsung ES65 – after switching of the camera, shutters and lens are not closing. The problem consists in malfunction of lock mechanism. Repair of lock mechanism is required.

  If you need your digital camera you do not have to risk and try to repair it on your own. The right decision is to use the service of our professionals. You will be impressed with our prices and quality of work!

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