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Sony Cameras Repair

Sony Corporation was established in 1946 in Japan.  Sony became famous in 50s. In 90s Sony began to produce digital cameras. Sony produces high quality products.  Thanks to this Sony products are demanded in the world market of electronic technologies. Sony cameras repair is very difficult. Sony devices have difficult constructions. There are a great number of micro chips. Just the experts with big experience can carry out qualified repair.

  We have necessary tools for diagnostics and repair. We are ready to repair Sony cameras. Not every expert can do this. It is not difficult for specialists of our level. They can repair shutters, zoom, buttons, and flash block.  We can eliminate all kinds of problems. We use just original Sony components.

Here are some examples of malfunctions. People addressed us with their cameras:

Sony Alpha NEX-5 – This camera has problems with lock mechanism. Lens does not function correctly. Often detail replacement is required

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W320 – after a long usage the quality of photos becomes worse. Flash light looses in brightness. Old components replacement is required.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W270 – Camera switches on only after several attempts. It is difficult to find out the reason. It is possible that the problem consists in battery or connectors. The exact diagnostics is required.

Sony Alpha DSLR-A380 – Camera does not react to any commands and shuts down spontaneously. Problem consists in command chip. May be the contacts are not connected or came out of order. In this case the replacement of components is required. 

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   These are just some of the reasons of malfunctions. There are many other reasons of breakages. This everything can happen to Sony camera.

 If you want to save your time just contact us! Diagnostics and consultation are free of charge. We are always ready to help you!


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