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Explay Phones Repair

It is very hard to imagine our modern life without electronic gadgets. Our company provides various mobile phone repair services. Explay mobile phones are also included to our service list.

People address us with different problems. Very often our customers complain that their talkers don’t hear them. To be more correct, you are not being heard

or heard faintly as if your were very far.

In such cases microphone repair or replacement is required. It is a widespread problem. But if the reason of malfunction is microchip or motherboard cables, repair becomes much more difficult.

Other common damages and cervices may also include:

  • LCD replacement
  • Case replacement
  • Power button replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Speaker repair/replacement
  • Loudspeaker replacement
  • Firmware installation
  • Unlocking
  • Data recovery       and many others…



In any case you can bring your phone to us for a FREE DIAGNOSTICS in our service center.  The experts of Remobi service center are absolutely cognizant and have a broad experience in maintenance of the most sophisticated devices.  Rely on us and we will tack care of the rest!

Our service center provides Explay mobile phones repair only with genuine components.

 Our moderate prices will surprise you.  



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