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Fly Phones Repair

Company Remobi is engaged in the repair of high-tech devices: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, e-readers. All the devices are repaired using special equipment. Only genuine parts are used during repair. We are responsible for the quality of our work!

We provide repair of different mobile phones, including brand Fly.

Very often people face some problems. They can’t switch on the phone. There are several reasons for it:

1. The phone is discharged. The phone should be charged. Sometimes this problem takes place, when battery was fully discharged for a long time.

2. The battery is damaged. Here everything is clear – the battery must be replaced.

3. Memory stick locks the launch of the phone. This is due to the feature of some models when the memory stick is full of data. You can simply remove the memory stick and insert it again, but after switching on the phone.

4. The phone is damaged mechanically. The help of technicians is required. They will accurately diagnose the phone and take actions according to the modern standards.

 5. If the device has been flooded with water. It is necessary to remove the cover and the battery and let the device to dry. If it does not fix, then please contact the experts of our service center Remobi.

 6. Software failure. Probably software update/reinstall is required.

 7. Power button is not working. It is difficult to determine the problem without disassembling.

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Service center Remobi recommends repairing your phone by qualified experts only. It is better to contact the specialists who already have repaired more than a dozen of such devices. Unfortunately the staff of service center faces the fact that it is impossible to restore phone functions after unqualified attempts to repair it at home. Thus repair is possible in some cases but can be very expensive. That is why do not try to repair your phone at home if you don’t have enough experience in this field. Entrust repairs to professionals.

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