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Huawei Phones Repair

In case of any breakage and malfunction of Huawei cell phones Remobi service center can offer efficient and reliable repair. The main causes of damages are inaccurate handling and inadvertent impacts such as dropping a phone, water damage, heat exposure and so on. But manufacturing defects are not an exception. Mechanical impacts may lead to LCD breakage (touchscreen), motherboard failure (contacts, microcircuits, processor). These types of damages are not fixed under warrantee, but in our workshop we’ll replace the failed details and restore the original functions of your phone.

Among other damages one can face card slot, power socket, ribbon cable and other malfunctions.

In Remobi centre highly skilled personnel use the latest equipment and tools to diagnose the problem of your device. Their broad experience and cognizance afford them fix any damages of any deficiency.

We are committed to quality and use only genuine parts and components during repair.

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The following are some of the frequent repair cervices


  • LCD replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Power button replacement
  • Home button replacement
  • Firmware installation
  • Unlocking
  •  Software restoration
  • Motherboard and chipset repair
  • Data back up and many others

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