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Motorola Phones Repair

Remobi is a big center for Motorola phones repair service. We offer Motorola phones repair on warranty and post warranty period. Our specialists will carry out exact diagnostics absolutely free of charge. They will efficiently define the problem and give you instructions for the correct exploitation in the future.

Here is the service list of our company:

  • Internal components replacement (microchips and printed circuit board)
  • Case, glass and display repair and replacement
  • Deep cleaning of devise from corrosion, drying of accessories after moisture hit, cleaning from dust, etc.;
  • Replacement of display
  • Reinstallation of firmware on all models of Motorola.
  • Replacement of external components: micros, earphone speakers and etc
  • connector repair for connection of the battery charger
  • repair of cases and replacement some parts for the new ones
  • information about original status and the status after repair and etc

Contact service center for Motorola. You will take professional service from our experts in the sphere of microelectronics. We have great experience in repair of phones of standard GSM and CDMA from brand Motorola. You will take instructions from our experts for future exploitation.

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