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Panasonic Phones Repair

Panasonic phones repair

Professional approach of our qualified staff of our service center allows us to repair phones Panasonic quickly and qualitatively. Our experts are able to eliminate any malfunctions, whether it is socket connector repair or chips soldering. Our customers can diagnose their phones and get tips for further exploitation.

Main breakages

Among reasons of mobile phones failures are:  mechanical damages and drowning (water damage) take more than 80% of all cases. Overheating and shocks lead to mechanical damages, for example when the phone was left in the sun inside of a car. In such cases Panasonic mobile phones repair is carried out on a paid basis. Display, electronic elements, connectors, speakers and micros replacement and repair are performed only with original parts which are supplied by our certified dealers. In addition to all Panasonic service center provides software installation. Unlicensed software infected with computer viruses can be the reason of multifunctional interruptions in phone operation. In our service center you can unblock your phone and install appropriated firmware.

In case of any malfunction it is strictly recommended to apply our service center Panasonic. Independent intervention can cause serious damage to your phone.

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