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Sony Phones Repair

Qualified experts of our company provide Sony phones repair service. Before Sony mobile phones repair diagnostics is needed. This helps to define the reason of malfunction or breakage. Than it is possible to find the best way of solving the problem.

Often malfunctions

Our experience shows us that users of this brand have different problems with their gadgets: hangings, software problems, display cracks and others. One of the wide spread problems is an incorrect image displaying.


Display is a phone component. The function of it is to pass the graphic information. Types of display breakages can be divided into two categories:

  1. The image is not displayed. The image is not seen but illumination remains. In this case display is shining with white color.
  2. There is no illumination. The image is displayed but very badly. External signs of the broken display are cracks, a spider line and spreading of a liquid crystal. If these signs are detected, repair should be made at service centers.


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Let’see the most common causes of display malfunctions.

  • Software failure
  • Firmware malfunctions
  • Image controller breakage (display blinks, flickers)
  • Display cable is disconnected from the board

Any display malfunction leads to incorrect imaging. It is impossible to start Sony phones repair without having diagnosed the broken device. If diagnostics showed that display can be repaired, connective cable damage is the reason of malfunction.

                              If the phone :

  • Loads long
  • Shuts down during operation
  • Doesn’t switch on

   In these cases Sony phones program repair should be carried out. Types of program repair:

  • Firmware installation ( software update)
  • Unblocking (untying from official mobile operator)

   The motto of Remobi: In healthy phone – healthy mechanism!

   It is interesting to know…

   Akio Morito and Masaro Ibuko established Sony corporation on the may 7th in 1946. The name of company is the combination of latin word “sonus” plus English phrase” sunny boys” – (English variant, in Japanese it took the meaning of “juvenile geniuses”). But in Japanese language this sound is similar to phrase “unsuccessful busyness”, that Is why it was decided to take out one letter “N” from the word. Thus was given the name to company “SONY”.  Many models are hits of sales and are in unusual demand in the market.




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