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Explay E-readers Repair

We offer a high quality repair of Explay E-readers. In our team work professionals who can eliminate problems of any degree of difficulty.

Advantages of our company: We give you 3 months warranty for our service. Diagnostics is free of charge.

Cooperation with you is very important for us. Therefore you can always count on our professionalism, efficiency and qualitative service.

Reasons of Explay E-readers malfunctions

In order to make a qualified repair the preliminary diagnostics is required. This gives us a complete understanding  what defects should be eliminated. The most frequent addresses of clients concerning malfunction of device consist in the following:

  • Cracks on display and case as a result of falling (in that case we replace display and case. If there are defects on case we can offer the replacement of separate parts of defected details.
  • After connection of earphones to the port the sound vanishes (audio socket replacement   or device synchronization is needed)
  • E-reader doesn’t react to charging (battery replacement is needed. In some cases the charger should be repaired)
  • E-book does not switch on.  E-book constantly brakes.  In this case it is sinful to reinstall software, of course if the reason of defect is not the processor chip.
  • The E-reader can’t see the memory card. In this case the card port or the card itself should be repaired.

In order to repair the Explay E-reader effectively you shouldn’t try to repair it on your own! This can lead to serious damage of your device.

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