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Nexx E-readers Repair

Electro book Nexx is a very convenient and functional E-reader. It can brighten up the waiting. It is possible to read favorite books, to listen to music, to watch the images. The biggest plus of this E-book is the colorful display. It is pleasing eyes with saturated pictures. On Nexx e-reader you can watch video in Full-HD format without any problems. But not everything is so perfect when we pay attention to the case of E-reader.

The clients address us with the problems. The problem concerns case repair. During the years of existing of our service we researched the possible problems of Nexx e-readers. The biggest problem is the case and unreliable fixing of USB ports. It can become worthless even after 2 months of accurate handling. We can repair Nexx very fast at your presence.

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Some models of Nexx E-books have unfinished software. Because of this reason some E-readers can fail or can’t support flash cards with big capacity. Many users have a problem. The sound in the speakers is not high enough. In most cases such problems can be solved after software reinstallation. If you need to fix your E-reader Nexx just contact us!

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