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Onyx E-readers Repair

Onyx international company was created in 2006. In 2009 the first E-book of this company was produced. The model ONIX Boox 60. This reader was created fully with the creativity of the members of this firm. Everything was considered: from design and production up to software. The efforts of producers were not for nothing. The E-book has many positive signs of comfortable reading, high speed performance and multi functionality. Many settings allow to setup interface in different ways. The battery life is extended. These E-readers support many formats of e-books, documents, comics, photos and etc.

In 2010 accordance to the version RBK the E-book Onyx was recognized as the best product of the year.

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The Manufacturer tried to consider all elements of gadget In E-reades Onyx. Normally the breakages are the reason of inaccurate usage. The broken display can’t be repaired anymore. The broken display is to be replaced for the new one. If you have damaged your E-book, service center REMOBI can help you in a very short time. In most cases we need just half an hour to eliminate the problems. In other cases we offer a free diagnostic. We guarantee quality for all our works.


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