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Orsio E-readers Repair

Orsio e-readers repair

The creators of e-readers Orsio were one of the first who paid attention to eINK VizPlex displays production. Such name took new technology of E-ink. These displays are marked with contrast, brightness and page rendering speed. Displays are not harmful for eyes and it is possible to read with these e-readers very long. The most popular models of Orsio are the models with 6inch display. They have convenient resolution for displaying the text. The size is compact. It is very convenient to take this e-reader everywhere.
The most fragile part of e-reader is always a display. There are some unreliable cover cases in the set of e-readers Orsio. Sometimes it is difficult to find suitable case for e-reader. This leads to display damage. Many users face program failure. In service center Remobi specialists carry out free diagnostics and are engaged in software installation. Display and other parts replacement doesn’t take much time. We will carry out e-readers repair at your presence. We guarantee positive result.

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