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Prestigio E-readers Repair

Located in Cyprus, the Prestigio company successfully works in the countries of Europe, the Middle East and Africa through representations and partnership offices in more than 25 countries. Today Prestigio is the high-growth, well proved international brand which is successfully on sale in more than 63 countries. Prestigio is recognized as one of the best brands in the market.

Prestigio company produces electronic technique and didn't avoid such popular gadget, as electronic book. The model range of E-readers of the known company provides a wide choice, proceeding from needs of everyone. The display with electronic ink, the TFT display, opportunity to read and listen to music, to view video and to surf in Internet – a set of opportunities in one compact device.

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Electronic books Prestigio have the same weak place, as all devices of this look – fragile display. The screen of e-readers is very fragile and can be broken after falling. If you have such a trouble, contact service center Remobi. Within half an hour we will replace the broken display.

Occasionally it is difficult to define a cause of defect at first sight. At our service center experts carry out free diagnostics and then provide Prestigio E-readers repair. Availability of original parts and special equipment allows us to repair E-readers Prestigio quickly and to guarantee good results.

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