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Ritmix E-readers Repair

The Korean company Ritmix began its activity in 2000 and known as a manufacturer of mp3 players. Today Ritmix makes all range of electronic technique from earphones to electronic books and pads. The model range of electronic books Ritmix consists of 13 E-readers of different price category and functionality. Ritmix offers the buyers electronic books with different displays from 5 to 8 inches. You can select a compact gadget only for reading, or the colorful display for comfortable viewing of HD video and graphic files. The Ritmix E-reader possesses diversity of multimedia entertainments. Such a good gadget is not to put away, the active usage of device is the risk for safety.

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In case of falling the screen can break. In case of careless usage – water damage is possible. It is easy to solve all these problems at service center Remobi. Our experts have special tools and original parts. That will allow us to repair electronic books Ritmix quickly and qualitatively. If the reason of malfunction isn't obvious, the experts carry out diagnostics. In most cases less than one hour is required to repair the gadget. We give warranty not only for our work, but for the replaced details as well.

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