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Texet E-readers Repair

We carry out Texet E-readers repair  in following directions:

-Display replacement is the most demanded kind of service. We are ready to do it in 20 minutes. We offer following services:

-Charge port and flash cards repair – breakages of these components are the result of inaccurate handling of device owner. Replacement of these details can be made in 30-40 minutes.

-Printed circuit boards diagnostics and the elimination of the problem. Incorrect option of printed circuit board is the result of falling. The work will be made in one or two hours.

-Joysticks replacement. This procedure can be needed after a long usage of device. The rubber basis becomes unuseful by the cause of time. Repair process takes 15-20 minutes.

-display repair and replacement. After water and mechanical damages this procedure can be needed.

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If your e-reader TeXeT ceased to function properly and you want to repair it qualitatively as soon as possible, you need help of REMOBI. Our service center will return to your device the initial conditions and options. We offer our service in cut rates!

Do not try to repair device on your own! After unqualified intervention device can’t be restored anymore.


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