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Wexler E-readers Repair

Wexler is a rather young manufacturer of computers and electronic devices. The firm began activity in 2008. Wexler achieved popularity very fast. E-books Wexler became the leader in domestic market. What is the secret of success? In spite the popularity of e-books the price for a good device remains high enough. Especially when it is talked about the color displays with electronic ink. E-books Wexler are budgetary and qualitative. They use E-ink and color TFT displays. Despite the price, Wexler doesn't save money on quality of assembly and reliability of the case. But even qualitatively assembled case can’t protect device when it falls on a rigid surface.

Remobi carries out repair not expensive and very operatively. Thanks to our experience we can repair your Wexler within 30 minutes at your presence. If the reason of breakage is not obvious our specialists can carry out free diagnostics and solve the problems. We give warranty for our service and for all replaced details.

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