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MSI Laptops Repair


Remobi is a service centers which provides a wide range of technical services. Our specialists have a broad experience in digital electronics repair. Using the latest equipment and tools our technicians precisely diagnose the problem of your device and eliminate it. The cognizance of our personnel affords them reconditioning of any type of electronics with the most challenging problems and defects. MSI Laptops are not an exception.  As all the laptops in general are similar they usually have typical and common damages. We are committed to quality and use only genuine components and consumables for the repair.

Normally Laptop users may face the following problems:


  • Motherboard disfunction
  • Graphics card malfunction
  • Water damage or other liquids penetration
  • Problems with buttons on keyboard
  • Battery runs down rapidly
  • Systematic device overheating
  • Problems with northbridge/southbridge chips
  • Dust and dirt accumulation inside of the device
  • Cracks on  the case and damaged cables

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