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MP3 players Repair


   Nowadays almost everyone has an mp3 player. Mp3 player owners accustom to their gadgets and don’t want change them for the new ones. MP3 players repair is a demanded service.  It is not recommended to entrust your mp3 player any technician. Only highly qualified specialist can cope with this problem.


                 Qualified specialists who provide mp3 players repair should be able to do the following:

  • Troubleshoot software problems
  •  Charge port repair and replacement
  • Display replacement
  • System board repair
  • Replacement of other parts which came out of order
  • Water damage repair
  •  Mechanical damage repair
  • Virus removal
  • Player cleaning 

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Terms of our work

Repair requires availability of different parts. Due to availability of original parts it is not so difficult for us to repair mp3 players such as ”Apple”,  “iRiver”, “CowoniAudio”, “Philips”, “Samsung”.

   After addressing our company you can be sure about the service quality. Our specialists have a great experience in this sphere. After repair in our service center your device will serve you for a long time.



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