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Blackberry Tablets Repair

When wide distribution of tablets began in the world, many manufacturers of mobile phones researched demands of customers in the market and began to produce their own tablets. Blackberry is not an exception in this case. But the style of this company and its distinctive features do not ever resemble concepts of other manufacturers. Blackberry produces only one model of tablet – Playbook, which functions on the basis of its own operational system the Blackberry Tablet. Tablet doesn’t support memory stick. There are 3 variations of Playbook: models with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB data store capacity. The technical features of the device meet modern requirements and compete with those of many leading manufactures. Besides high functionality, its assemblage and rubber framework are the assets as well. This shock resistant case protects device from mechanical damages provided it's not dropped on display.

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If this happened to you we can replace display in our service center Remobi very quickly. Sometimes tablet begins to freeze, overheat but the reason is not clear. In such cases we offer free diagnostics. When the reason of malfunction is defined, experts can solve the problem. For every service and replaced elements the warranty certificate will be issued

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