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LG Tablets Repair

Korean company LG Electronics was established in 1958. Today this company is the leader in the market of innovational technologies, mobile connections and household appliances.

Many mobile phone manufacturers reacted very sensitively after appearance of tablets in the market. LG was not an exception. LG relying on its own experience launched  production of  tablets. “Set new standards for tablet PCs” - was the slogan of LG Optimus pad. This tablet supports LTE standard and functions on the basis of dual core processor Nvidia Tegra 2 1000 MHz, supports both wi-fi and 3G. One of the outstanding features of the device is its HD (1280х720) stereoscopic filming. 

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The only disadvantage of LG Optimus Tab is a plastic case. It can’t protect display from mechanical damages. In Remobi service center you can get any type of technical support to restore the original functions of your damaged device. We have been repairing tablets for many years and during these years we have established good relations with customers. The availability of all components makes LG tablets rеconditioning very easy and feasible. You can find the list of our services in internet. Just contact us! We give warranty for all replaced details!

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