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Odeon Tablets Repair

Odeon, functioning on the basis of Windows operating system, is a full-fledged and powerful tablet which can substitute for your personal computer. Its functionality and features afford you documents and data processing, surfing in Internet and simply enjoy the multimedia on a bright touch screen display.

There may be various causes of breakage. The weight of these tablets is nearly 1 kg. After falling on rigid surface tablet will probably end up with a serious fracture and functions failure. Eventually, everything can come to malfunction – display for example (even Hard Glass technology displays will be out of order after falling).


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Among other types of breakage are the following: case fracture, motherboard failure, chipset disfunction and etc. When motherboard is damaged it should be replaced. This is very expensive procedure. There are many problems with display that occur as well. Case and internal components are connected as two modules by ribbon cable. In case of torsion or other coercion one of the modules can breakdown.

Odeon tablets are repaired by our professionals on special equipment very efficiently. We do not have downtime since all the components and consumables are always available with us. When needed details are not available our suppliers can deliver them with no delays. We have everything to repair your Odeon tablet. Our specialists guarantee high quality service! Your device is in safe hands!


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