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Prestigio Tablets Repair

Prestigio was established in Cyprus. Today company has associated offices in more than 25 countries of the world. Prestigio is a new company with good reputation. This company is popular in almost 63 countries around the world. Company produces digital devices and accessories for them.

Tablets manufacturing is one of the production branches of the company. Tablets function on the Android operating system. Model range of Prestigio Multipad tablet consists of 3 variations, these are series 3, series 5, and series 7. Light and slim case, software, high functionality, convenient usage of interface and good prices are the advantages of Prestigio tablets. That is why Prestigio tablets are so popular.

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Tendency to make mobile devices more compact makes cases thinner and lighter. But this sophistication has a reverse result- Tablets are breakable. Falling on the rigid surface can be the reason of broken display. You can replace Prestigio display in our service center Remobi. We give warranty for all replaced elements! You will find the whole list of our services on our Web-Site. You can contact us and we will answer all your questions.

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